WORKING ON SOLUTIONS (WOS) is a holding of companies that have the mission of serving brands, companies and professionals in the world to provide them with efficient and modern communication solutions.

Is a full service agency with a digital heart, capable of generating an impact both in online and offline environments. We produce in-house content, influencer marketing, advertising in digital and traditional media, social commerce, events, productions, online studies, consumer research, all with the necessary strategic creativity that helps our clients stand out in such a competitive market.

Is a strategic consulting firm to help all those companies or people who need a clear plan business. Special units for those who do not have robust in-house teams, need to add talents and vision without going through the internal learning curve or enduring all that fixed internal structure. That’s why we become your remote team.

Is our online education and training program for those who want to do it for themselves or increase their criteria in different areas: entrepreneurship, communication, investment, content production and marketing. Our students learn by doing, always guided during the process. We know the story of each student and they are the center of our efforts. ⁣